Kick on a Skatey!


Recently, there is a new hype: Skatey an electric skateboard with remote control. If you want to experience the ultimate freedom then you should have this once tried. Imagine you are standing on a flashy skateboard and with a remote control you determine your own speed. No more foot movement but electrically driven you choose yourself how long and how hard you want to skate. 

The Skatey does not only have different designs but also different engines; from 150 Watt to 1300 Watt even. The more powerful the engine, the faster you go natural. You can also opt for the normal batteries or advanced lithium batteries. The lithium batteries charge faster and have a larger range than traditional batteries. In addition, the heavier models also have larger wheels with a profile so that you can skate effortlessly through grass, sand and on beaches. So Skatey's can  be used on almost any surface. The smoother the surface the faster you go. Each skateboard comes with a remote control and a charger so you can charge your skatey for the next ride. 

The Skatey 800 and lithium boards come with a Blue Tooth - remote control. It has a display whcih gives you information about the speed and the energy level  of your batteries!

How long you can ride depends on the surface, your weight, the outside temperature and the tricks that you make. After use, you can easily refuel electrically. 
Experience the feeling of freedom, experience the feeling of skatey! 




  • Skateys are not suitable for children under 14 years.
  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing when riding a skatey.
  • Always read the user manual before you start riding a Skatey. 
  • Skateys are not suitable for use on public roads